State Government Examples

Help for Widower Paying Rent

A State Senator helped a citizen during a call on district matters.

Thank You from Participant and Question about Transportation

This live TeleForum town hall event focused on the proposed budget as well as information about transportation projects, tax increases initiated by the Governor.

Participant Thanks State Representative for Recent Military-Based Legislation

A State Representative held this live TeleForum town hall to discuss the 2015 legislative session, education as well as a proposal to cut property taxes.

Constituent Frustration with Lack of Progress during Special Session

This live TeleForum town hall event enabled constituents to speak with and hear from their elected officials on topics such as: transportation, education, healthcare and affordable housing.

Thank You from Participant and Question about a Shale Project

A State Senator held this live TeleForum town hall event with his constituents to discuss pollution, education, government reform, and school district funding.

Concern from Participant about Power in Politics

Held by a State Senator, this live TeleForum town hall event allowed constituents to ask questions about topics ranging from the November elections to state education funding.

Participant Question about Legal Process

An Education Commissioner held this event with parents across the state to discuss K-12 education, school financing, and grants to support various programs.

Participant Question about Marijuana Safety

An organization held this live TeleForum town hall event to discuss a controversial state amendment and how the initiative could be a guise to legalize marijuana.

Question from Veteran about Medicaid Options

A Health Insurance Exchange held this TeleForum town hall event to update state citizens on the Affordable Care Act, how to choose plans, and how to find more information and resources.

Local Government Examples

Explanation of New State Education Standards

The State Office for Public Instruction hosted their TeleForum telephone town hall meeting about K-12 learning standards and assessments.

Resident Question about Emergency Funds

This event was held for local residents affected by historic flooding. The State Department of Transportation discussed repair efforts, timing of construction, and how residents will be impacted. The event also featured FEMA directors, who talked of federal repair efforts in the area.

Thank You from Participant in Event on Tax Assessments

This event was held for municipal residents to learn more about changes to how properties within the city will be assessed. Information was also given on how incorrect assessments can be fixed and how new home upgrades are considered.

Introduction to Storm Preparedness by Mayor

The Mayor held this event with city residents to discuss storm preparedness, especially related to hurricanes. The Mayor talked about what individuals and families can do in the event of an emergency and how medical personnel will respond to different natural disasters.

Parent Question about Ramifications for Opting Out of Mandated Testing

Held for school district parents, this event discussed new State House and Senate bills around state-mandated testing.

Feedback from Participant about how Informative the Event was on Transportation

This event was held for residents to learn more about the Transportation Authority’s 25-year plan. The plan includes highway and bridge widening projects, transit expansions, and the associated costs.